Q: What happens if you are unable to get a convention commission or sketch?
A: If I'm not able to finish a commission or a sketch during the convention I always provide for the shipping costs.
In case the customer doesn't show, he/she normally provides for it.

Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: Yes I do, since my customers are 80% overseas. With the address, telephone number and email address I can tell you exactly the amount of shipping costs.
All the shippings are made by courier.
The shipping costs are not included in the original art price.

Q: Are your packages safe?
A: My packages are 100% safe and waterproof.

1-I normally put the piece in a plastic folder first.


2-I use a wooden protection to ensure it does not bend.

                              50549073_2226940187560050_7619905250261991424_njpg        50766592_255874231994933_1337977910086074368_njpg

3- I wrap it in brown paper and it's ready to be shipped!